VGXW Magazine December 2017 Book 1

VGXW Magazine December 2017 Book 1 |

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Alena Nikiforova ★ Elena Belousova ★ Olga Kruglova ★ Nigorette ★ Diego Ibañez ★ Susann Loessin ★ Benson Yip ★ Alec Morris ★ Yulia Kovaleva

[Fashion Editorial] Spanish Heartbeat: Laura Diviu by Alena Nikiforova and Elena Belousova for VGXW Magazine |

[Style Editorial] A Runway by Olga Kruglova for VGXW Magazine |

A Runway - A Style editorial by Olga Kruglova for VGXW Magazine

Pure Double: A style editorial by Benson Yip for VGXW Magazine |

[Fashion Photography] Shades of a Girl by Yulia Kovaleva for VGXW Magazine |

Style Editorial: Alec Morris by Heartlands for VGXW Magazine |

[Beauty Editorial] Baby, It's Cold Outside by Susann Loessin for VGXW Magazine |


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