VGXW Magazine – January 2018 Book 3

VGXW Magazine - January 2018 Book 3

VGXW Magazine January 2018 Book 3 is now available via MagCloud

Contributing photographers:

★ Sarah Krick ★ Sara Brudkiewicz ★ Andrea Claire ★ Flavia Raddavero★ Chelle Chan ★ Verginiya Yancheva ★

"Shine On" - a beauty editorial by Sarah Krick for VGXW Magazine

"The Modern Witch" - a fashion story by Sara Brudkiewicz for VGXW Magazine

"Illuminated in the light of the past" - a beauty editorial by Andrea Claire for VGXW Magazine

"Marvelous Darling" - a fashion story by Flavia Raddavero for VGXW Magazine

"The Last Evening, I've Been With You" - a fashion story by Chelle Chan for VGXW Magazine

"Take Me Away" - a fashion story by Verginiya Yancheva


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